Special Services Learning Center

"Making a difference in lives of adults with disabilities."

Upon admission, each individual is assessed and an Individual Program Plan is developed, with participation of the individual, their family (as appropriate) and all relevant staff members and other agencies that may be involved.

Transportation to and from the day centers are provided by vans, driven by trained drivers. Accommodations for wheelchairs or other special needs are provided.

Individuals attending SSLC Day Program are provided free/reduced lunches through the AR nutrition program. The meals are approved, adequate diets conformed to the recommended dietary allowance. Occasionally, each individual is given the opportunity to eat at various places in the community. Periodically, picnic meals, snacks and refreshments for parties and special occasions are provided.

SSLC provides a work activity program allowing individuals to do contract work and other activities designed to train appropriate and useful job skills. Individuals are paid for the work they do.

The Center has a Wage and Hour Certificate, issued by the Department of Labor. Pre-Vocational skills are taught by focusing upon attitudes, following schedules, personal hygiene, interpersonal relations, increasing productivity while learning new job skills, and many other job-related skills. As skills are learned, responsibilities and duties increase in proportion to abilities in performing assigned tasks.

Work is provided by procurement of contracts from various sources.




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SSLC provides Medicaid Waiver Services to adults and children with developmental disabilities. We currently serve consumers in Searcy, Stone, Van Buren, Izard, Baxter, Newton, and Pope counties in Arkansas.

The Medicaid Waiver Program was developed to provide the in-home and in-community support needed for persons who are at risk of institutionalization. SSLC trained staff provide one-on-one assistance to Waiver clients in their home, or the community.

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If you are interested in applying for Waiver Services you can begin the process by contacting your local DHS office.

Special Services Learning Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing a vital and integral part in the development of adult citizens with physical and developmental disabilities in seven Arkansas counties--Searcy, Stone, Boone, Newton, Izard, Polk, and Van Buren. Here they are provided an opportunity to develop their skills and attain the highest level of self-sufficiency, self-worth and self-determination.